W Design Delivers Smart Solutions for Clear Communication.

Clear Communication with the client leads to Effective Communication with the Target Audience. Smart Design will help send that message.

Our Approach

We know that every project is unique. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and the requirements of each assignment. This close working relationship enables us to provide them with smart solutions.

Since 1994, W Design has helped clients position themselves for success through award-winning digital and print design. Whether the need is to develop a new logo, update a brochure or extend a brand online; W Design will capture your brand’s essence and translate it across all media consistently and positively.

Our Process

We help businesses and organizations market themselves through effective, compelling, and distinctive communications. We listen, observe, and focus on individual needs. Once the information-gathering process is complete, we take what we’ve learned and apply methods that will best achieve your business/organization goals.

We call this our brainstorming stage. We analyze, research, and formulate key strategies that will represent you. So that each piece achieves your objectives with a unique voice and visual vocabulary.

We create the identity your brand deserves by combining powerful imagery and meaningful content. Your message will be clear and easily translated in today’s media-saturated environment.

The Team

Dorene Warner

Creative Director

Jason Bajor

Website Developer & Technical Advisor

Jim Santiago


Krista Gromalski & Sandy Long

Nicole Camacho

Nicole Camacho

Finehand Signs


These resource guides, which were developed in partnership with Judy Anderson of Community Consultants, assist clients in further enhancing and targeting their outreach materials.

Utilizing Photos to Create High Impact Communications

cover for tip suggestion PDF

Website Redesign Checklist

Designing Engaging Newsletters

Newsletter Checklist